Zinne: a local currency for Brussels

Contract address


Total supply


Treasury (@bank)

<Balance address="polygon:0x39F2638B50DED59f9385BC76C96E44374f0A2119/ZINNE" /> (inspect)

Treasury (@topup)

<Balance address="polygon:0x5736A617711d11f92A9f6C32f9f8d01F88b832BA/ZINNE" /> (inspect)


Browse on OpenSea, or inspect on Polygonscan


24/3/2024: Added @bank and @topup in table, fixed links to polygonscan.

4/3/2024: Minting 500 new zinnes (proof of recognition of debt)

7/2/2024: New ERC20 contract address: 0x5491a3d35F148a44F0af4D718B9636A6e55eBc2D

7/2/2024: New ERC721 profile contract address: 0x23DB3D3Da510e60aF40902A04850E1F3a744905c

5/12/2023: New ERC20 contract address: 0x230542eda83346929e4E54f4a98e1ca1A4BFc0c3

20/10/2023: Initial ERC20 contract address: 0x0785d720279f42326846d5396b5f44b97d0bfecd

20/10/2023: Initial ERC721 profile address: Polygonscan

In the spirit of applying our learnings in web3 to support services to the citizens of Brussels, we are experimenting with creating an on-chain version of the local citizen currency “the Zinne” (https://zinne.brussels).

We have a recognition of debt of €500 for 500 Zinnes (proof) that we have tokenized (i.e. we minted 500 ZINNE on-chain, proof, we have later moved the contract to a new address for the 2nd Crypto Bar).

As this is an experiment, this on-chain version of the Zinne can only be redeemed at the bar during our monthly event “Crypto Wednesday”. If you want to experience the Zinne in one of the 238 places that currently accept it (see the official list on Gogocarto, or this mobile friendly directory that we built using Glide), you will have to use the Zinne paper (that you can buy at our events) or use their Zinne App (it is powered by cyclos.org with a Postgres database, note that it takes a couple of days to top up).

We will report back on how the experiment is going with the community of the Zinne and see how we can contribute to their citizen initiative and increase the number of people that use the Zinne in Brussels.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is a ZINNE?

One Zinne === 1 euro. The only difference is that a Zinne can only be spent in Brussels, it is therefore forcing people who receive it to support the local economy.

How can I buy some ZINNE tokens?

Download the Citizen Wallet app (iOS, Android) and create a Zinne.brussels account, or just go to https://zinne.citizenwallet.xyz to create a wallet in your browser. Then make a wire transfer to EE727777000138317915 with as communication ZINNE + your wallet address (select “external wallet” and copy the address, e.g. ZINNE 0xCF1A8e25982E8B8e9C43B30D5F104940Aa5b13F2 or you can use your @username instead of your address, e.g. ZINNE @xavier). Within a minute of your IBAN transfer, you can see it on-chain (e.g. here is my 50 euros transfer).


Just come to one of our events and pay by cash, wire transfer (you can use the QR code below with your mobile banking app) or with your card (using Sum Up).

Where can I spend my ZINNE?

At all our events 😀

You can scan the QR code to pay at the bar or send the Zinne to @cryptobar.

How to follow transactions live?

Go to live.citizenwallet.xyz/polygon/ZINNE…

To see all past transactions: polygonscan.com/address/0x230542eda8334… 

Can I exchange my ZINNE for euros?

No. Only shop owners can do that (to pay their own vendors). That’s on purpose. The idea of such community currency is to support independent local shop owners. That being said, you can surely find someone that needs some Zinne to get some drinks at one of our events and that would be willing to buy your ZINNE.

How can I download the app?

You can either use the Citizen Wallet in your (mobile) browser (just make sure you bookmark the unique URL generated for you that represents your wallet), or you can download the native app for your smartphone:

(you can then either import your web wallet or create a new one and transfer the funds if any)

About Zinne

About DAO Brussels

See https://dao.brussels/faq 

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